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We are a highly specialised local player supporting globally operating companies with employee transfers and entire department relocations into and out of the Rhein-Main area.

The goal of our advisory and service offerings is our clients' smooth integration into the new surroundings. After giving professional advice, we plan and organise the home search, the move, public office formalities and further integration issues in Frankfurt. We also take care of all these matters when a client moves away.

We are not brokers but, instead, independent specialists for the real estate market and attendant bureaucracies. We also think of ourselves as specialists for the everyday things. We solve problems of daily living with the same effectiveness as that with which we resolve core issues. Similar in this respect to solicitors, we represent exclusively the interests of our clients in dealing with brokers, building management companies, public authorities, craftsmen, moving companies, telephone companies and many more.

By availing themselves of our services, companies can show an employee not just how important he or she is, but additionally make it possible for that employee to concentrate entirely on the professional tasks at hand - from the very first day onward.

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