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The most important thing in every transfer is, first of all, to find a nice apartment or a decent house:
  • In detailed consultation, we talk about the desires of the client and discuss the market situation.
  • On an orientation drive through possible residential areas, we explain not only the details of the real estate market and local peculiarities, but additionally, we draft a detailed search profile.
  • We contact all available brokers and building managers, evaluate newspaper ads and use our direct contacts to multitudes of owners in order to find suitable living accommodations.
  • We make a preliminary selection taking into account the criteria given in the search profile.
  • We present these selected apartments or houses to the client in a viewing tour or by means of detailed descriptions and photos by e-mail. We advise throughout the decision making process.
  • We conduct the contract negotiations and translate the rental contract.
  • We draft a release document for transfer of possession (with photos) and organise craftsmen if necessary.
  • We advise on various telephone options and additionally register the client's electricity, gas and TV as appropriate.
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